We are innovating how students and families experience college finance. At most higher education institutions, students receive a complicated and confusing bill that can often contain hidden and unforeseen expenses. Not at Tabor College. We are striving to make your experience simpler than ever!

We are excited to introduce our All-Inclusive Price plan.

What does this mean?

Beginning in fall 2023…

  • You will receive an easy-to-understand and timely billing statement from the Tabor business office broken down by semester. The confusion around finances is something we are determined to simplify.
  • One price that covers all basic costs including tuition, room, meal plan, all fees, accident insurance…..Yes, this includes lab fees, voice lessons, etc.
  • There are always costs of living that students must cover themselves. Examples include personal items, transportation, and major medical insurance.
  • Your simple bill will show all forms of financial aid which will be subtracted from the price to show what you owe.
  • Tabor will loan books to all students. To clarify – students will not have to purchase books at Tabor College. We will provide them. The research clearly indicates that students who have the books required for a class outperform those who do not. We are committed to student success and excellence in the classroom.
  • There will be a modest service charge for those who choose to pay on a monthly payment plan. However, we will not charge credit card fees. These kinds of fees are common at many places of higher education.
  • Students on probation will be capped at 13 hours.

Maximum Registration Hours by GPA

GPA, Previous SemesterMaximum Hours
3.7 or higher21 hours
2.5-3.6918 hours
0-2.4915 hours
First-Time FreshmenMaximum Hours
3.3 or higher18 hours
0-3.2916 hours

What does it cost?

All-Inclusive Price – (Financial Aid + Scholarships) = Cost


  • On Campus – $47,000^
  • Off-Campus – $20,600*^

*All students are required to live on campus unless they are:
23 years old, 5th-year seniors, Living with their parents or Married

^ All full-time students are required to have health insurance coverage. Evidence of coverage will be required prior to the individual student’s first semester of attendance each school year. Tabor will facilitate the purchase of student health insurance from United Health Care as needed or desired.  Contact the college Business Office for details.